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One of the challenges that people face as they get older, is their ability to stay fit, eat healthy, and remain in good shape dissipates.

Whether it’s a demanding work schedule, a growing family and responsibilities, or the fatigue that sets in when you finally get a minute toI need a personal trainer yourself, it’s difficult to find the time and motivation to get to the gym and stop eating quick unhealthy meals.

I used to feel this way too until I decided to make a difference in my life. I started a healthy lifestyle, and ¬†after a bit of studying and training, I became a certified personal trainer. In 2009, I launched my own personal training business – Key2Fitness – and I’ve been helping people achieve happiness and success ever since.

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Key2Fitness Kitchener Waterloo

Located in Manheim between Kitchener and Waterloo, Key2Fitness focuses on helping people who want to change their lifestyle, improve their diet, and even just shed a few pounds. As a mother of two, I understand how demanding life can be. It takes an extreme amount of discipline to get to the gym and maintain a healthy diet.

Personal training is a broad term, and there are several needs that fall under the personal training umbrella. Whatever your need, Key2Fitness has a personal training solution for you.

Key2Fitness offers:

  • Private Personal Training
  • Public Personal Training
  • Women only Personal Training
  • Group Personal Training

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Why Personal Training Fails

Many people try the personal trainer experience only to stop after a few sessions because they think they’ve gathered enough information to save money and do it themselves. People forget why they hired the personal trainer in the first place… To Get Fit!!!

How Key2Fitness Personal Training is Different

Key2Fitness personal training differs from other personal trainers because my core mission, vision, and values are all about the customer and their success.

Kitchener Waterloo Personal TrainingBy taking a customer oriented approach to personal training, I am able to build a relationship with the client and customize their personal training program.

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My Process for Personal Training

Key2Fitness’s approach to personal training focuses on the understanding that each customer is unique. Everyone’s body is different, everyone has a different threshold level, and everyone is looking for something a little different.

I start my personal training experience with a free consultation. During the consultation, I ask questions and conduct an assessment to understand exactly what the customer wants and needs.

Here’s a breakdown of a typical consultation:
  • Weigh in
  • Measurements
  • Before picture
  • Q&A
  • Review your current diet
  • Review your current exercise schedule
  • Review any health issues to prevent injury
  • Warm up exercises
  • Set up schedule for personal training session

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What types of Exercises are used in Personal Training Sessions

I’m a firm believer in customization. Every client is different, every client has a different threshold, and every client may be at a different level of fitness when they start.

Some typical exercises that you can expect in a personal training session include:
  • Cardio
  • Aerobics
  • Resistance training
  • Weight training
  • Stretching
  • Running
  • Rest – Yup you read that right…It’s essential that we rest between exercises!

This list may seem small, but there are tons of exercises that can come out of this small list. Every training session is different, but these are the building blocks towards a fit and healthy body.

At Key2Fitness it’s all about results. It is my mission to help every client achieve their goals and get fit!

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